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Maras Moray Guide


The Maras Moray Salineras Tour takes you to the town of Maras, a place of great historical importance. Maras was inhabited by Cusco nobles during the Inca period, who were stripped of their palaces in the Qosqo and settled in several villages, including Maras. This town stood out in the Viceroyalty period as the main salt supplier in the region.

The constructions of their houses present a unique style, observable in the mansions that still conserve the coats of arms of indigenous nobility on their facades. The stone lintels show writings and iconographies that represented each family. Exploring Maras is a unique experience that connects you with history and ancestral architecture in the Maras Moray Salineras Tour.


The Maras Moray Salineras Tour also includes a visit to the archaeological site of Moray, a unique place of its kind in the region. Moray is composed of Inca agricultural terraces and terraces that form giant natural depressions or pits. Each platform has its own irrigation system, creating microclimates that allowed the cultivation of more than 250 plant species. These terraces were used as agricultural laboratories by the Incas to experiment with different crops.

Discover the ingenious Inca agricultural engineering at the archaeological site of Moray, an essential stop on the Maras Moray Salineras Tour.

Learn more about this impressive archaeological center and its role in Inca agriculture. Click here for more information!


The famous Salineras de Maras are another highlight of the Maras Moray Salineras Tour. Located on a mountainside, these salt pans consist of approximately 5,000 terraced wells designed by the Incas. The salt water emanates from a natural spring located at the top of the wells. As the water seeps into the wells, it evaporates due to the intense sun, forming coarse salt crystals. The local people show visitors their ancestral techniques for salt extraction, offering an authentic and educational experience.

Visiting the Salineras de Maras is an opportunity to learn about salt production and traditional practices that have been maintained for centuries. Don’t miss this fascinating aspect of the Maras Moray Salineras Tour.

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